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The Arts Oasis is a not for profit calendar and guide to the new virtual landscape established to aid the creative community and independent creators. We support grassroots projects, educators, non-profit organizations and working artists, and we are committed to building an accessible, inclusive and anti-oppressive creative community. 


Our goal is to showcase some of the best virtual content in fourteen disciplines. Although the pandemic has limited in-person gatherings, the rise of virtual events has provided creators the space to experiment with new formats, interactivity and digital mediums. This new cultural landscape transcends the physical and temporal tethers of our previous world—as long as you have a computer, you can tune in. Whether it is virtual indie cinema, literary livestream, dance party, interactive 3D exhibition, or immersive experience, the Arts Oasis provides a guide to the hundreds of virtual happenings that go on every day. The listings are both user generated and curated by The Arts Oasis team. 


The Arts Oasis was created by non-profit Astrea Media as a labor of love. Our organization is dedicated to creating innovative film and interactive multi-platform media projects that generate positive social change. The Arts Oasis is predominantly volunteer run and donation supported.


Artists are among the workers most severely impacted by the pandemic. A recent survey by Americans for the Arts revealed that 95% of creatives have lost income in the past year. In an effort to provide helpful tools, we have researched Best Virtual Practices for each field, as well as an extensive database of financial, legal and healing resources for artists in need. In order to support individual artists we have created an Artist GalleryWe hope that The Arts Oasis will be a valuable platform for the creative community and audiences for years to come. 


User Guide

If you are interested in attending events, our website features calendars for fourteen different disciplines. At least 150 virtual events and resources are added weekly and there are over 1200 on the site right now. Click on the CATEGORY button in the upper left corner to find the field you are looking for. Each category page has three types of events:


1) Ongoing/Permanent Streams (events that are always available)

2) Limited Engagement (events that only occur over a range of dates, i.e. a 3-day design workshop)

3) Calendar of Live Streams (events that occur weekly at a particular time)


Be aware that sometimes it takes a few seconds for all events to load! The "What not to miss" button shows events recommended by TAO staff. Click on the star and “What Not to Miss” events will load first.


You can browse all the artistic disciplines in one calendar on our homepage. You can filter by category by clicking on the down facing arrow next to “All Arts”.

If you are interested in supporting individual artists or discovering new work, you can look through our hand-selected Artist Gallery and contact Artists directly about buying their work.


If you are a creative making the virtual transition, or seeking resources to support your work, each category page features discipline specific resources such as funding. You can also click the GO VIRTUAL GUIDE at the top of the screen to access our Best Virtual Practices, which outline how creatives in your field are adapting to the pandemic.


Please use our submission page to list your virtual events or submit your application to be included in the Artist Gallery. 


Funders and Partners

The Arts Oasis is supported by the Wallace Foundation 2020 Emergency Assistance Grant, The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation, Carl and Carol Canner, Anonymous, Sergi Elizade, Vicki and Bill Falk, Frank Gallipoli, Barbara and Larry Hohlt, Helen Hong, Dennis Livingston, Mary Lucier, Karen Moss, Adam Neaman, Eftychios Pnevmatikakis, Bianca Satomasso, Katie Semanski, Mary Stewart, Nikos Trikoupis, and Beth Van Gelder. 


Our outreach partners include Anonymous Was a Woman, Yaddo, and Boston Cyberarts. 

The website was designed to evoke the nostalgic glamour of Broadway with a street art edge. Each design has an element from a frame made by Carvers’ Guild, the company founded by Liz Canner's parents, Carl and Carol Canner. Due to the pandemic, they nearly closed their doors after over 50 years of crafting decorative mirrors by hand in Massachusetts. 

Volunteer With Us

Do you miss going to the theater, museums, and concerts? Are you searching for connection and a way to support the arts community in this new reality? Volunteer with us and help grow The Arts Oasis. Qualified candidates should be reliable, arts/science lovers/creators and be able to dedicate at least 5 hours a week to the team effort. Interested? Please contact: info@astreamedia.org



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