How To Go Virtual For XR/VR Gamers

Developing experiences in extended reality involves working on the cutting edge of technology and design. While the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have certainly caused a shift in how XR is developed, remote work situations are allowing developers to continue building environments in extended reality, whether it be virtual, augmented or mixed. Continued discussions and learning in XR have switched to online venues, and developers are finding new ways to help manage the complications of the COVID-19 pandemic using XR systems. While the pandemic may be slowing down our reality, extended realities continue to flourish and grow. XR remains a valuable and resilient medium of the future, with applications in artistic, educational, and entertainment industries.


Forbes Magazine asserts that while COVID-19 has dramatically changed how we consume technology on a daily basis, the use of the virtual landscape offers longtime solutions for communication, collaboration, and sharing of ideas and information. As a result, the art community may become better integrated with technology and the world’s day to day living. Rather than paying to visit a museum in person, people may view an exhibition and collaborate from across the world. Local communities are learning how to support their creatives and residents like never before. For example, the Seattle Mayor’s office lists a collection of XR and VR experiences for residents to experience virtually. Although the creative community may have hit a pause at the start of the pandemic, the future entices artists with endless opportunities. 


Best Practices for Going Virtual

The Arts Oasis can be used to popularize your VR experiences or exhibits. Artists can submit their own work through our create a free listing page. You may also create events after signing up for an account on Oasis. With an account you can also create an artist profile and update it regularly with new events and links to your personal websites.   Please let us know if you launch an experience and we will try and review it for our blog, Artsfeed.


To cope with the switch to working from home, near endless compilations of resources have been built to assist artists. The lists include everything from creative tools, sharing and collaboration platforms, financial and employment resources, and so on. Artists will be able to collaborate on new levels using extended reality technologies. Opportunities will continue to rise as the world becomes better integrated and tied to technology.     

What services can be helpful?


XR artist grants, events, & networking for the creative community


Job Listings for XR/AR/VR 

Resource for artists seeking employment


Games for Change XR events

Games for Change launched the XR for Change initiative in 2017 to develop a community of practice for the use of immersive media to address real-world challenges, create empathy, and drive social change. 


Playcrafting XR events

Playcrafting connects brands, developers, and fans nationwide through one of the largest gaming communities in the world. They are hosting regular virtual events and classes with opportunities to launch demos.


Co Create Residency for Artists and Coders

Application information to an artist residency program targeting at XR and VR creatives hosted by the IMC Lab 


Art Steps

Platform for creating a virtual gallery exhibition 


All World 

Platform for creating and sharing augmented reality art and exhibitions 


The Wild

Platform targeting architects and environmental designers to use XR and VR technology to collaborate 



Platform for VR illustration and animation 



AR and VR platform that encourages companies to collaborate like never before in a virtual space. All fees have been waived for membership due to the COVID-19 pandemic



Platform that transforms any room into an augmented workspace, allowing users to interact as if they were in the same location 


Interdisciplinary Remote & Remote-Friendly Employers (by Words of Mouth)

Resource for artists searching for other interdisciplinary employment


One Club COVID-19 Job Board 

Resources for artists searching for creative employment in the advertising industry


Viral Art Project -- Call for Submissions

Call for PSA posters about the COVID-19 pandemic created by artists of all disciplines


Call for Entries Directory 

Resource for creatives to find art calls and opportunities



Resource for artists interested in creating a community with a monthly membership that grants access to exclusive content, tutorials, and resources 


Covid-19 Freelance Artist Resource — Resources & Information for Freelance, Unaffiliated Artists in the US

Resources for information including financial support, artist surveys, mental health resources, and employment opportunities