How To Go Virtual For Dancers

Dance teachers and students are making a mass transition to virtual instruction. In many ways, virtual classes are more cost-effective to run and accessible than in-person events, and both practitioners and students have the potential to benefit from the flexibility of remote learning. 


What are some strategies to cope with the changes?

Consider hosting or participating in dance workshops. Host interactive workshops on meet-up sites like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet. Teach step-by-step choreography to people anywhere, from anywhere. You can host these workshops for free, for a small fee, or for donations from anyone willing to give.  You can take payments through Eventbrite, or directly through Venmo, PayPal or Cash App. More information on how to sign up for these services is featured below. 


Pre-record or livestream individual performances. Mount a camera on a tripod or use your phone to record yourself performing in front of someplace scenic or significant. Offer one-on-one dance classes via Zoom, Skype, or Google Meets. 


What services can be helpful?

Keep in mind: whenever you plan an ongoing, recurring or one-time event, you should immediately submit it to be featured on our Arts Oasis calendar. 


Below is a comparison of the top three group video platforms. 


Google Meets 

  • Free and unlimited until September 2020

  • After September 2020, it will have a 60 minute time limit and a 100 participant limit

  • Available on iOS, Web, Chromebook, and Android

  • You’re able to admit/accept or deny people from entering your meeting 

  • You can send people a link to invite them to your meeting

  • 16 people can be displayed at once on the screen 

  • Alternative plans available for $10 and $20 a month 

  • You can share the screen 

  • Recording available



  • Free version allows up to 100 participants and calls limited to 40 minutes

  • Alternative plans available for $14.99 and $19.99 a month 

  • Known security issues 

  • 49 people can be displayed at once on the screen

  • You can share the screen 

  • Recording available 

  • You’re able to admit/accept or deny people from entering your meeting

  • Can change virtual background 

  • Offered “Webinars” And “Meetings” 



  • Offers majority of its services completely free

  • Available across Windows, iOS, Android and Mac

  • 50 participant limit 

  • You can share the screen 

  • Recording available 

  • Some say it makes your computer run slower

More helpful tips for how to host a digital event through a video conference platform can be found here.


How to make an Eventbrite event 

Go to and sign up for an account (you can just login through your Facebook account if you want). 

Now create an event and fill out all the info pertaining to your upcoming event. 

Be sure to click the “Online Event” option under “Location”. 

You’ll have an option to create free, paid, or donation based tickets. 

Publish your event! 

You have an option to edit the payout method to receive your funds from ticket sales. 

Under the “Invite and Promote” tab you can link your business Facebook page to Eventbrite or just click the “VIEW” button in the top right bar and copy the link once you're there.

Email and text this link out to anyone who may be interested. See if you can partner with dance companies or studios. Share this link in a Facebook event bio or Instagram page bio. 


How to Receive Payments 

When someone is interested in taking your class, you can give them your PayPal (ex., Venmo (ex. @NallaT) or Cash App (ex. $NallaT) handle for them to send payment to. Once you’ve received the payment, you can keep track of people who have signed up with a list and then send your Zoom or Google Meet link to only people who have signed up AND paid for the class. 


How to Sign Up for Venmo 

  1. Download one of our mobile apps: iOS & Android (Venmo does not have a Windows app)

  2. Open the app

  3. Choose your sign up method and create a secure password between 8 and 32 characters long 

  4. Verify your phone number and email address 

  5. Add and verify your bank account 


How to Sign Up for PayPal

  1. Go to 

  2. Click sign up button in upper right 

  3. Choose personal or business account 

  4. Fill out your information 

  5. Create password 

  6. Link your bank account info 

Here’s a helpful how-to video.


How to Sign Up for Cash App 

  1. Search for Cash App in your device’s App Store

  2. Click the Cash App by Square Inc. app with a green picture with a money symbol. 

  3. If it isn’t downloading, you might not have enough Storage on your phone so you may need to delete other apps you are not using. 

  4. Open the app when it’s done downloading

  5. Enter information 

  6. It will send you confirmation code, enter this code 

  7. Click the circle button in the upper right corner 

  8. This will bring you to the page where you can add a profile picture and your name and your handle which you will give to people to send you money 

  9. Adjust info under the Privacy & Security and Notification tabs to your liking 

  10.  You must give people your handle name with a “$” in front of it always, so they can correctly locate you to send money